G Carma, Inc Enters the World of Professional Fighting with PantherFights.com

In a joint venture that might be one of the professional fighting world’s most prolific, G Carma, Inc and Panther Promotions, LLC has entered into the world of boxing, MMA, muay thai and women’s boxing with the launch of PantherFights.com.  PantherFights.com is aimed at leveraging the  physical assets of Panther Promotions ranging from a network of casinos and a rooster of amateur fighters combined with G Carma, Inc’s  vast repertoire of marketing success, technological scaling abilities and celebrity appeal.

PantherFights.com will allow both the general public and commercial businesses to access and benefit from the entertainment value of professional fighting through Pay-Per-View offerings, fantasy boxing matches, online betting, merchandising and general support of the fight industry.

Stay tuned for more information and the official press release detailing this business opportunity set to revolutionize the professional fighting world.

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