G Carma Inc Happy to Announce the Premiere of “G Thing” on July 24th on FUSE TV at 11:30pm/10:30 CST

The management division of G Carma, Inc congratulates our clients from the “G Thing” cast on the premiere of their 8 episode reality series this July 24th at 11PM/10 CST on Fuse TV. The docu-series catalogs the daily struggles faced by entertainers as they embark on their journey of the path of success within the music and entertainment industry.

“G-Thing follows an Italian-American rapper and his larger-than-life family as they try to launch their first “family-style” run hip-hop label: Tracketeering Music. Viewers will get an inside look at G Fella, along with his unrestrained and crazy relatives, as they do everything they can to achieve musical stardom.”

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