G Carma Inc Brings Awareness to the Hair Transplant Industry with DR#561

Dr. Glenn Charles teams up with G-carma, Inc. to bring awareness to the over 50 million Americans suffering from a form of hair loss. The team will collaborate with several informative platforms to offer audiences the opportunity to learn about a wide range of health and wellness topics associated with hair grooming.


G Carma Inc & International Reggae Star Mr Vegas

Mr Vegas enlists the expertise of G Carma, Inc to hit the market with planning of a new reality TV show. Vegas explained that he decided to make the reality series “Bruk It Down” because he thought “people would like to see the life of a dancehall queen.”He continued,”It’s going to be a dream project.

Dancehall artiste Vegas said the aim is for the reality show to be aired locally but he also wants an international audience.”I think it’s going to be a huge success, You have dancehall queens all over the world. Now he that he has the best crew, he can do it the proper way so that it does not come off as a joke,” he said. Look out for it on a network early next year.

G Carma Inc presents

cheftheroselogoChef The Rose is a unique catering company that brings together traditional comfort foods and international cuisines. They customize menus to fit the palettes of each client. No taste bud is too complicated or too bland, at Chef The Rose, they believe most clients know exactly what they want and they aim to please. Check out for all your catering needs

“If you want to say it, say it with a Rose”

G Carma, Inc Collaborates with Downsound Records and Supreme Promotions to #BringTheSting for the 30 Celebration of Sting

For the 30th celebration of the Greatest One Night Reggae & Dancehall Show on Earth the promoters of Sting enlisted the aid of G Carma, Inc to aid in their vision of taking the Jamaican based brand international through Pay-Per-View, Mobile and Internet Live Streaming.

Sting 30 features international sensations such as 2 Chainz, Super Cat, Beenie Man, Mavado and many other Reggae and Hip-Hop performer.

G Carma, Inc Enters the World of Professional Fighting with

In a joint venture that might be one of the professional fighting world’s most prolific, G Carma, Inc and Panther Promotions, LLC has entered into the world of boxing, MMA, muay thai and women’s boxing with the launch of is aimed at leveraging the  physical assets of Panther Promotions ranging from a network of casinos and a rooster of amateur fighters combined with G Carma, Inc’s  vast repertoire of marketing success, technological scaling abilities and celebrity appeal. will allow both the general public and commercial businesses to access and benefit from the entertainment value of professional fighting through Pay-Per-View offerings, fantasy boxing matches, online betting, merchandising and general support of the fight industry.

Stay tuned for more information and the official press release detailing this business opportunity set to revolutionize the professional fighting world.

G Carma Inc Happy to Announce the Premiere of “G Thing” on July 24th on FUSE TV at 11:30pm/10:30 CST

The management division of G Carma, Inc congratulates our clients from the “G Thing” cast on the premiere of their 8 episode reality series this July 24th at 11PM/10 CST on Fuse TV. The docu-series catalogs the daily struggles faced by entertainers as they embark on their journey of the path of success within the music and entertainment industry.

“G-Thing follows an Italian-American rapper and his larger-than-life family as they try to launch their first “family-style” run hip-hop label: Tracketeering Music. Viewers will get an inside look at G Fella, along with his unrestrained and crazy relatives, as they do everything they can to achieve musical stardom.”